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Google Analytics 4 Migration Service for WordPress Bloggers

Google is making bloggers switch to GA4 by July 2023, or else Analytics stops working.

Not switching => lost traffic stats=> lost ad earnings!

Avoid disruptions. Transition to GA4 today.

Regular price is $600 for WordPress bloggers.

I already have Google Analytics on my blog. Do I need Google Analytics 4?

Yes, you have no choice but to switch to GA4 from classic Universal Google Analytics.

If you don’t switch, your tracking will break and you will lose all your traffic and content Analytics.

No Analytics means no pageviews data, which means there’s a risk to your ad earnings from Mediavine, AdhTrive, eZoic, etc.

When’s the deadline to switch to GA4?

July 2023.

Mediavine Users & Google Analytics 4

What does Mediavine recommend for GA4?

Mediavine recommends bloggers set up a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property alongside their existing Universal Analytics (UA) property without deleting or removing UA.

This ensures a seamless connection to the Mediavine Dashboard, allowing accurate tracking of RPM, earnings, and other important metrics.

By setting up GA4 in advance, bloggers can be fully prepared for the switch before GA4 replaces UA in July 2023.

Follow these instructions to avoid disruption.

Do not delete the UA view or remove the UA tag from your site. You need to run both GA4 and UA in parallel to maintain your Mediavine Dashboard connection.


Here are the steps to set up GA4 without disconnecting UA:

  1. Log in to your current Google Analytics account.
  2. Click “Admin” in the lower left corner.
  3. Select “GA4 Setup Assistant” from the center column.
  4. Choose “I want to create a New Google Analytics 4 Property.”
  5. Click “Create and Continue” to create your GA4 property.

Ensure your GA4 property’s time zone is set to (GMT-04:00) New York Time to avoid discrepancies in RPM reporting on your Mediavine Dashboard.

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