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Blog Post Topics & Ideas For Every Day in February

    February Blog Post Topic Ideas

    February may be the shortest month, but that doesn’t mean that you should pause on content creation during February. Although Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of the month, that’s not the only holiday in February! If you’re looking for fun content topics for your blog, look no further than these February, blog post topic ideas. Click on blog post topics for January, if you’re looking to expand your January editorial calendar. 

    Blog Post Topics: February 1-7

    Bubble Gum Day (February 1)

    Pop a piece of bubble gum in your mouth and get ready to blow some bubbles. Teach your kids how to blow bubbles and take pictures of the entire afternoon to share the adorable and hilarious results with your readers. 

    Hedgehog Day (February 2) 

    It’s true that February 2nd is also the day to celebrate another small rodent – the groundhog! But it’s also Hedgehog Day. Share a hedgehog printable or fun game with your readers and give the hedgehog some love. 

    Feed the Birds Day (February 3)

    This day can be such fun for your kids and your readers’ children. Make bird feeders, go to a park and feed some ducks (not bread though – it’s bad for them!) and enjoy being out in nature. 

    Thank a Mailman Day (February 4)

    Your mail carrier has an incredibly important job – delivering the mail and your important packages. Show your mail carrier some appreciation with Thank a Mailman Day!

    World Nutella Day (February 5)

    It’s nearly impossible to meet someone who doesn’t love Nutella! If you have any recipes that use everyone’s favorite hazelnut and chocolate spread, today’s the day to share them with your readers. 

    Play Monopoly Day (February 6)

    If you’ve never introduced your kids to the game of Monopoly, today’s the best day to do it – it’s Play Monopoly Day! If you have really small kids, consider making everyone a property owner to start off – it will make the game faster! Throw a Monopoly party and share it with your readers today!

    Send a Card to a Friend Day (February 7)

    This day was clearly invented by a greeting card company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it! If you have a cutting machine, share a card cut file and encourage your readers to send one to their friends. 

    Blog Post Topics: February 8-14

    Kite Flying Day (February 8) 

    February seems like a silly time to fly a kite, after all it’s the middle of winter! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t share kite flying crafts with your readers today. 

    National Pizza Day (February 9)

    Pizza is everyone’s favorite meal! If you have a favorite homemade pizza recipe, today’s a great day to share it with your readers. 

    Umbrella Day (February 10)

    Umbrella Day is the perfect day to create some DIY umbrellas with your kids! It’s easy to find some blank umbrellas at a craft store and then all you need to do is to let your kids get creative.

    International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11)

    If you have daughters, today’s the day to encourage them to do some science experiments. Come up with some fun science activities for your kids and share them with your readers today. 

    National Lost Penny Day (February 12)

    Find a penny, pick it up! Take your kids on a penny hunt today and encourage your readers to do the same thing. Today’s also a great day to learn a few facts about the penny.

    Pancake Day (February 13)

    Share a pancake party with your readers today on Pancake Day! Share your best pancake recipes and toppings with your readers and give your kids permission to make the best pancake concoction they can think of. 

    Pet Theft Awareness Day (February 14)

    Although it’s Valentine’s Day on February 14, it’s also Pet Theft Awareness Day. If you have a favorite pooch, make sure it’s microchipped today and share any advice with your readers. 

    Blog Post Topics: February 15-21

    Gum Drop Day (February 15)

    Gum drops are a fun candy staple around Christmastime since they’re used in a gingerbread house, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed year round. Today’s Gum Drop Day – share some gum drops and play a fun game of Candyland with your kids today.

    Almond Day (February 16)

    Almonds are so versatile! They can be used for milk, for flour, as a healthy snack or in decadent dessert recipes. If you have a favorite almond recipe, today’s a great day to share it with your readers. 

    Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17)

    Today’s a great day for blog content! It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day! Share some free printables with your readers and encourage them to share acts of kindness with strangers. 

    Drink Wine Day (February 18)

    Get some girl friends together for Drink Wine Day! Throw a party on your blog and share your tips and tricks with your readers for a great time with friends. 

    Chocolate Mint Day (February 19)

    Mint chip ice cream is a favorite and it is inspired by the awesome combination of mint and chocolate! If you have a great recipe that combines minty chocolatey goodness, share it with your audience today.

    Cherry Pie Day (February 20)

    Cherries aren’t exactly in season in February, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some cherry pie! Use some canned pie filling if you can’t find fresh cherries and have your kids do some cute cherry themed crafts to celebrate the day. 

    Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (February 21)

    Earlier in the month was the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and today is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Plan some fun projects for your daughters and sons and let them have fun.

    Blog Post Topics: February 22-28

    World Thinking Day (February 22)

    World Thinking Day is a day celebrated by the Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts get together and learn about different countries throughout the world with foods and activities that are native to each country. 

    Curling is Cool Day (February 23)

    If you’ve ever watched Olympic curling, you’ve probably been fascinated by the rocks, the brooms and the ice. Teach your readers some facts about curling and if you can, give your readers some advice on how to play.

    National Tortilla Chip Day (February 24)

    There’s nothing like tortilla chips and salsa – it’s the best part of going to dinner at any Mexican restaurant. If you have an awesome homemade salsa recipe, share it with your readers today.

    Cupcake Day (February 25)

    Cupcakes are fun to eat and fun to make! Cupcake Day would be a great day to have a fun cupcake wars party with your kids and their friends. Everyone wins when you get to eat a cupcake at the end!

    Tell a Fairy Tale Day (February 26)

    Fairy tales are sweet stories that kids of all ages love. If you have any fairy tale themed craft ideas, this is a perfect day to share them with your audience. 

    Polar Bear Day (February 27)

    Did you know that polar bears are actually black, with white fur? Polar Bear Day is a great day to share any fun polar bear facts with your kids and your readers! 

    Chili Day (February 28)

    Chili is a great dinner recipe for a cold, February night! Share your best chili recipe with your audience today and encourage them to enjoy a great bowl of chili tonight for dinner.

    Blog Post Topics: February 29

    Leap Day (February 29)

    Leap Day only happens every four years and 2020 is the year! Take the day to plan something extra fun for your family and your audience – after all this is a bonus day.

    These February blog post topic ideas are the perfect way to spice up your content calendar when you’re planning your February blog content. Feel free to use just a couple or if your New Year’s resolution is to post every day, this will be a great start! For more help with keyword calendars and in-depth SEO help, please click here to learn about our SEO services for bloggers. 

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