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The Youtube SEO Survival Guide for Idea Bloggers

    youtube and seo for bloggers
    The sweet spot for long-term success for creators is both visual and text content.

    Are you a creative, lifestyle, or food blogger that realizes they need to do more with Youtube, but have trouble getting started? Or maybe you’ve been doing it for some time now, but you feel stuck?

    This is an ongoing guide that’s intended for bloggers who already know intermediate level SEO, and are ready to advance their entire strategy to include video. You’re already good at blogging on WordPress, you do all the basic SEO things to optimize your content, you’ve done image optimization, you earn a respectable amount of backlinks from other blogs and media sites. The next thing to conquer, is video, specifically using Youtube.

    Doing so will maximize your potential of getting viewed on social, on your blog, and on Youtube.

    Tinkering with Video using Youtube Keywords

    SEO in 2020 is about text content, image content, and video content synchronizing and gelling with each other in order to satisfy all the users, search engines, and social algorithms out there.

    This first chapter is about having fun with video, and Youtube. It’s a stressful transition for many bloggers (shout out to the introverts out there 🙂 ).

    If you’re having trouble with starting, then try baby steps. Start doing some random videos based on your interests, or on your top content, and see what happens. Imperfection isn’t to be avoided, it’s actually one of your key objectives.

    More on imperfection in chapter 2, and why it’s a secret ingredient to winning on Youtube.

    For now, jump below to see the 20 video keywords, which you can turn into individual or series of videos, along with their minimum search volume totals for 2019.

    Youtube SEO Experiment: 20 popular topics and ideas you should create videos for today

    If you’re ready to start vlogging to complement blogging, here are 20 popular topics that have relatively lower competition.

    Choose topics that you already have existing blog articles.

    We distilled 400 of the top video keywords using food, creative, and lifestyle blog topics from the millions of keywords in the Ahrefs Youtube Search database. Check out the full lists below, one for creative & lifestyle bloggers, one for food recipe experts.

    DIY School Supplies

    Expected 2019 totals: 400K+

    Back to school season is an exciting time of the year, but shopping can also be overwhelming for many parents and students, because every year, school supplies and clothing seem more expensive. As a result, people choose to go the DIY route, especially when it comes to school supplies.

    DIY backpacks, DIY notebooks, DIY pencil cases, specifically are the most searched keywords on Youtube. Even DIY edible school supplies are a trendy thing people search for, as a way for students to sneak snacks into class.

    DIY Gardening & Landscaping

    Expected 2019 totals: 30K+

    People love watching Youtube videos to get their hands dirty with DIY gardening ideas, DIY front and backyard landscaping ideas, and other outdoor home & garden projects.

    DIY Beds

    Expected 2019 totals: 60K+

    Not everyone buys beds and bed frames. Some people like building their own either from scratch, or repurposing (upcycling) everyday items. Perfect idea for a series of videos if you’re an upcycling pro like Randi Dukes,  or a bedroom specialist like Toni Roberts.

    DIY Room Decor, Storage & Organization

    Expected 2019 Totals: 5 million+

    People love watching DIY home decor on Youtube on different rooms. If there are areas of the house you’re obsessed with, like your patio, or nursery, or closets, there’s your series of videos on which you can produce a dozen decor ideas.

    Thanks to Marie Kondo, the demand for cleaning, tidying, decluttering is on the rise too. Focus on the specifics. What’s unique about your home that others can relate to in their homes? Go after that audience.

    DIY Lip Products

    Expected 2019 totals: 100K+

    Makeup bloggers and other DIY experts: If you have safe, easy, effective recipes for DIY lip balm, DIY lip scrub, DIY lipstick, and DIY lipgloss, each of these are expected to get 25K searches or more on Youtube this year.

    DIY Christmas Gifts

    Expected 2019 Totals: 500K+

    These Youtube searches should spike into the million+ range heading into Christmas 2019. Prepare for the rush by paying attention to all the topical and trendy things throughout 2019, and create easy, homemade, and personalized gift ideas for recipients of different ages and different types of relationships.

    How to Tie Ties

    Expected 2019 totals: 2 million+

    Tie tying has forever been a classic Youtube search, and there are no one-stop videos on the subject. Even thought it’s a competitive keyword, you have a shot because:

    • of all the different types of neckties available today
    • of all the different types of knots
    • women and children wear ties too

    If you have the know-how, and feel confident in your ability to make the tying process super-easy, create a series of videos. Target newer, trendier types of ties and knots, and target different audiences to stand out.

    DIY Slime

    Of the 6M combined monthly searches, 1M are for slime recipes. How to make it with or without glue, with or without borax, how to make it fluffy, and so on. Slime is a BIG deal on both Youtube and Google search. Kids, teens, parents all eager to learn.

    DIY Phone Case

    Expected 2019 Totals: 500K+

    Focus on different types and models of phone cases with your go-to DIY methods.


    2019 Expected Totals: 500K+

    The people want to watch and learn beginner level crochet, basic stitches, patterns, and even advanced projects. Your dozens of blog post tutorials are a gold mine of specific ideas to turn into videos.

    DIY Halloween Costumes

    Expected 2019 totals: 500K+

    Over half a million Youtube searches heading into Halloween 2019. Stay alert for upcoming movies like the Avengers, shows, characters, memes, and apply towards easy, homemade costume ideas for different age groups. Or, keep it simple with the classic costume ideas.

    DIY Fidget Spinners

    Expected 2019 totals: 1.2 million +

    Over a million people look up how to make their own fidget spinners. If you have ideas, create a blog post tutorial, and record a step-by-step instructional video.

    Lunch Packing Ideas

    Expected 2019 totals: 1 million+ Searches

    Over a million searches, probably by moms, went towards lunch box ideas. How to pack lunches, lunch box recipes, healthier options, and multicultural ideas such as the Japanese Bento Box, the Indian tiffin, and others.

    DIY Music Practice

    Expected 2019 totals: 2 million +

    Over 2 million searchers look up music lessons and tips on Youtube in 2018, and that’s just learning how to sing, play guitar, and play piano. The potential for uncommon instruments may not be high, but you’ll probably compete against fewer video creators.

    How to Draw

    Expected 2019 totals: 1.5 million +

    Another million plus searches go to drawing. Google and Youtube searchers love tutorials on how to draw a rose, a person, a dragon, a wolf, a unicorn, a dog, a Pokemon, and even hair.

    Youtube vs Blogging: Why you should think Youtube + blogging instead

    Search traffic is vital for blogging survival in 2019 and beyond, and nobody dominates search traffic like Google as a whole. In 2019,:

    • Google Search accounts for 66% of internet search traffic
    • Google Image Search another 22%
    • And Youtube, 3%

    Clearly, Google as a parent company of all these properties plus Google maps, and other smaller sites, is a search monopoly. FB, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, Instagram all combined barely make up 5%.

    While most bloggers have dabbled in SEO for Google Search to some degree, not many bloggers have taken the massive opportunities presented by visual search.

    Most bloggers we talk to today, even those killing it with Google Search and Google Image Search and Youtube, haven’t holistically achieved synergies between their blog content, their images, and their video content for a powerful 1-2-3 punch.

    Think about what you see at the very top of the Google Search result page today for virtually any keyword on tutorials, ideas, recipes, and other searches where users expect informational or inspirational results.

    Youtube video carousels, Google Image panels, Recipe cards, Featured Snippets w/ step-by-step instructions, and who knows what new interactive results Google designs in the future.

    If you want to remain competitive now and in the future, you can’t afford to neglect visual and voice search in your SEO strategy. You have to think and optimize in a more well-rounded way.

    Fortunately, it doesn’t mean you have to re-learn SEO all over. You can simply integrate a few techniques into your blogging strategy today, and get more mileage out of your content using all your multimedia assets.

    Creative & Lifestyle Ideas

    Video Keywords

    Youtube Search Volume

    How To Make Slime 3,468,000
    How To Draw 2,364,000
    How To Tie A Tie 1,740,000
    How To Make Slime Without Glue 996,000
    How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube 696,000
    DIY Room Decor 540,000
    How To Make A Fidget Spinner 468,000
    How To Make Fluffy Slime 432,000
    How To Draw A Rose 396,000
    How To Make Money Online 348,000
    DIY Slime 348,000
    How To Play Guitar 336,000
    How To Draw A Person 324,000
    How To Dance 312,000
    How To Draw A Dragon 312,000
    How To Make A Paper Airplane 312,000
    How To Sing 300,000
    How To Lose Weight Fast 288,000
    How To Build A Gaming Pc 288,000
    How To Make Slime Without Borax 276,000
    How To Animate 276,000
    How To Tie A Bow Tie 276,000
    How To Download Youtube Video 264,000
    How To Edit Videos For Youtube 264,000
    How To Solve A 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube 264,000
    How To Download Music From Youtube 252,000
    How To Draw A Wolf 252,000
    How To Cut Your Own Hair 252,000
    How To Start A Youtube Channel 252,000
    DIY School Supplies 240,000
    DIY Crafts 240,000
    How To Make Slime With Glue 228,000
    How To Draw A Unicorn 228,000
    How To Draw A Dog 228,000
    How To Do A Backflip 228,000
    How To Play Piano 216,000
    How To Crochet 216,000
    How To Hack 204,000
    How To Drive A Stick Shift 204,000
    How To Meditate 204,000
    How To Draw Pokemon 192,000
    How To Make Money On Youtube 192,000
    How To Draw A Face 192,000
    How To Catch A Cheater 192,000
    How To Lose Belly Fat 180,000
    Dollar Tree DIY 168,000
    DIY Fidget Spinner 168,000
    DIY Phone Case 168,000
    How To Draw Anime 168,000
    How To Parallel Park 168,000
    How To Draw Hair 168,000
    How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire Tv Stick 168,000
    How To Play Poker 168,000
    How To Get Photoshop For Free 156,000
    DIY Clothes 156,000
    How To Lose Weight 156,000
    How To Write A Song 156,000
    How To Do The Splits 144,000
    DIY Christmas Gifts 114,000
    DIY Camper 108,000
    DIY Halloween Costumes 102,000
    DIY Desk 76,800
    DIY Makeup 70,800
    DIY Face Mask 68,400
    DIY Christmas Decorations 63,600
    Back To School DIY 62,400
    DIY Bath Bomb 55,200
    DIY Squishy 54,000
    DIY Headboard 48,000
    DIY Electric Skateboard 45,600
    DIY Air Conditioner 45,600
    DIY Home Decor 45,600
    DIY Bed Frame 40,800
    DIY Popsocket 40,800
    DIY Aquarium 39,600
    DIY Coffee Table 37,200
    Dollar Tree Christmas DIY 34,800
    DIY Gifts 34,800
    DIY Wall Decor 33,600
    DIY Balayage 33,600
    DIY Planner 33,600
    DIY Greenhouse 33,600
    DIY Computer Desk 32,400
    DIY Eyelash Extensions 31,200
    DIY Vanity 30,000
    DIY Edible School Supplies 30,000
    DIY 3d Printer 30,000
    Harry Potter DIY 28,800
    DIY Slime Without Glue 28,800
    DIY Acrylic Nails 28,800
    DIY Wood Projects 27,600
    DIY Electric Bike 27,600
    DIY Router Table 27,600
    DIY Fidget Spinner Without Bearings 26,400
    DIY Bluetooth Speaker 26,400
    DIY Lip Scrub 26,400
    DIY Murphy Bed 26,400
    DIY Crop Top 25,200
    DIY Soap 25,200
    DIY Stress Ball 25,200
    DIY Vanity Mirror With Lights 25,200
    DIY Jewelry 25,200
    DIY Lip Balm 25,200
    DIY Fire Pit 25,200
    DIY Table Saw 25,200
    DIY Notebook 24,000
    DIY Bookshelf 24,000
    Steampunk DIY 24,000
    DIY Candles 24,000
    DIY Makeup Organizer 22,800
    DIY Fake Nails 21,600
    DIY Backpack 21,600
    DIY Shelves 21,600
    DIY Bed 20,400
    DIY Wall Art 19,200
    DIY Haircut 19,200
    DIY Pencil Case 19,200
    DIY Hamster Cage 18,000
    DIY Room Decorating Ideas For Teenagers 12,000
    Room Organization And Storage Ideas 12,000
    Pumpkin Carving Ideas 12,000
    Garage Flooring Ideas 12,000
    DIY Closet Organization Ideas 10,800
    DIY Organization Ideas 10,800
    Home Office Design Ideas 10,800
    Vegan Breakfast Ideas 10,800
    DIY Ideas 9,600
    Wedding Decoration Ideas 9,600
    Front Yard Landscaping Ideas 9,600
    Date Ideas 9,600
    Picnic Food Ideas 9,600
    Science Fair Ideas 9,600
    DIY Storage Ideas 9,600
    DIY Storage Ideas 9,600
    Card Making Ideas 9,600
    Online Business Ideas 9,600
    Van Conversion Ideas 9,600
    DIY Valentine Gift Ideas 9,600
    DIY Valentine Gift Ideas 9,600
    Room Divider Ideas 8,400
    Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas 8,400
    Fall Decorating Ideas 8,400
    Keto Breakfast Ideas 8,400
    Dining Room Decorating Ideas 8,400
    Photoshoot Ideas 8,400
    Backyard Landscaping Ideas 7,200
    Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas 7,200
    Stocking Stuffer Ideas 7,200
    Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 7,200
    Proposal Ideas 7,200
    DIY Garden Ideas 7,200
    Christmas Dinner Ideas 7,200
    Tool Box Organization Ideas 7,200
    DIY Garden Ideas 7,200
    Elf On The Shelf Ideas 7,200
    Craft Fair Ideas 7,200
    First Date Ideas 7,200
    Pantry Organization Ideas 7,200
    Christmas Village Display Ideas 6,000
    Instagram Photo Ideas 6,000
    Led Light Strip Ideas 6,000
    Lunch Box Ideas 6,000
    Cake Decorating Ideas 6,000
    Fathers Day Ideas 6,000
    Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 6,000
    Crochet Ideas 6,000
    Halloween Food Ideas 6,000
    DIY Home Decor Ideas 5,400
    DIY Home Decor Ideas 5,400
    Graduation Gift Ideas 4,800
    Easter Basket Ideas 4,800

    Food & Drink Recipes

    Video Keywords

    Youtube Search Volume

    Salmon Recipe 168,000
    Chicken Recipe 156,000
    Meatloaf Recipe 132,000
    Pizza Dough Recipe 109,200
    Shrimp Recipe 104,400
    Chili Recipe 103,200
    Lasagna Recipe 98,400
    Mac And Cheese Recipe 93,600
    Bread Recipe 84,000
    Ramen Recipe 76,800
    Cheesecake Recipe 75,600
    Sweet Potato Recipe 74,400
    Fried Chicken Recipe 70,800
    Brussel Sprouts Recipe 67,200
    Palak Paneer Recipe 67,200
    Turkey Recipe 64,800
    Eggplant Recipe 64,800
    Cake Recipe 62,400
    Tilapia Recipe 62,400
    Pizza Recipe 61,200
    Chicken Breast Recipe 60,000
    Fried Rice Recipe 60,000
    Spaghetti Recipe 58,800
    Steak Recipe 57,600
    Pho Recipe 57,600
    Mushroom Recipe 54,000
    Pav Bhaji Recipe 54,000
    Chicken Curry Recipe 52,800
    Asparagus Recipe 52,800
    Falafel Recipe 52,800
    Mashed Potatoes Recipe 51,600
    Banana Bread Recipe 51,600
    Guacamole Recipe 50,400
    Pancake Recipe 50,400
    Apple Pie Recipe 49,200
    Pad Thai Recipe 48,000
    Burger Recipe 43,200
    Rajma Recipe 43,200
    Broccoli Recipe 42,000
    Pork Loin Recipe 42,000
    Gumbo Recipe 42,000
    Ratatouille Recipe 40,800
    Biryani Recipe 40,800
    Meatball Recipe 39,600
    Samosa Recipe 39,600
    Chicken Parmesan Recipe 39,600
    Kimchi Recipe 38,400
    Sandwich Recipe 37,200
    Oatmeal Recipe 37,200
    Jambalaya Recipe 37,200
    Macaron Recipe 37,200
    Curry Recipe 36,000
    French Toast Recipe 34,800
    Orange Chicken Recipe 34,800
    Spinach Recipe 33,600
    Cornbread Recipe 33,600
    Naan Recipe 33,600
    Sambar Recipe 33,600
    Carbonara Recipe 33,600
    Puff Pastry Recipe 32,400
    Flan Recipe 32,400
    Coleslaw Recipe 32,400
    Dal Makhani Recipe 32,400
    Stuffing Recipe 31,200
    Hamburger Recipe 31,200
    Baked Chicken Recipe 31,200
    Potato Salad Recipe 31,200
    Salsa Recipe 31,200
    Biscuit Recipe 31,200
    Croissant Recipe 31,200
    Butter Chicken Recipe 31,200
    Cookie Recipe 30,000
    Green Beans Recipe 30,000
    Chicken Pot Pie Recipe 30,000
    Scallops Recipe 28,800
    Hummus Recipe 28,800
    Chole Recipe 28,800
    Brownies Recipe 28,800
    Pizza Sauce Recipe 27,600
    Cinnamon Rolls Recipe 27,600
    Chicken Salad Recipe 27,600
    Chicken Wings Recipe 27,600
    Quiche Recipe 27,600
    Crepes Recipe 27,600
    Philly Cheese Steak Recipe 27,600
    Poha Recipe 27,600
    Beef Stew Recipe 27,600
    Paella Recipe 26,400
    Strawberry Shortcake Recipe 26,400
    Butternut Squash Recipe 26,400
    Khichdi Recipe 26,400
    Bone Broth Recipe 26,400
    Bbq Sauce Recipe 25,200
    Chicken Biryani Recipe 25,200
    Chicken Soup Recipe 25,200
    Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe 25,200
    Waffle Recipe 24,000
    Cupcake Recipe 24,000
    Oxtail Recipe 24,000
    Pie Crust Recipe 24,000
    Bhindi Masala Recipe 24,000
    Chipotle Chicken Recipe 24,000
    Donut Recipe 24,000
    Pasta Recipe 22,800
    Omurice Recipe 22,800
    Kfc Chicken Recipe 22,800
    Bok Choy Recipe 22,800
    Pesto Recipe 22,800
    Pound Cake Recipe 22,800
    Okra Recipe 21,600
    Peach Cobbler Recipe 21,600
    Moong Dal Recipe 21,600
    Nachos Recipe 21,600
    Chocolate Cake Recipe 21,600
    Chow Mein Recipe 21,600
    Dumplings Recipe 21,600
    Kale Recipe 21,600
    Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe 21,600
    Collard Greens Recipe 21,600
    Gulab Jamun Recipe 21,600
    Keto Recipe 20,400
    Hash Brown Recipe 20,400
    Macaroni And Cheese Recipe 19,200
    Cod Recipe 19,200
    Vegan Recipe 19,200
    Instant Pot Recipe 19,200
    Chickpeas Recipe 19,200
    Lobster Recipe 19,200
    Pinto Beans Recipe 19,200
    Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe 18,000
    Taco Recipe 18,000
    Puff Pastry Recipe Ideas 13,200

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