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Blog Post Topics & Ideas for Every Day in August

    August is known for a lot of things! It’s the official end of summer in a lot of areas, as many students go back to school in many parts of the country. Teachers are busy getting their rooms ready for the new year and parents are eagerly going back to school shopping. But if you’re looking for a more unique blog post topic idea, look no further than these August blog post topic ideas.

    Blog Post Topics: August 1-7

    National Girlfriends Day (August 1)

    You’ve probably heard of Galentine’s Day – February 13. But there’s no reason that celebrating your girlfriends should only happen once a year. National Girlfriends Day is a great opportunity to celebrate your girlfriends and show them just how much they mean to you.

    International Beer Day (August 2)

    International Beer Day is always the first Friday in August and this year that means it’s scheduled for August 2. Whether you enjoy a creamy stout, a hoppy IPA or anything in between, today’s the day to relax with a cold one or two. 

    International Hangover Day (August 3)

    It’s no coincidence that the day after International Beer Day is International Hangover Day! Today is the perfect day to publish those perfect comfort food recipes – no cocktails allowed!

    National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (August 4)

    Got a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe? Today’s the day to share it with your readers. Don’t forget that glass of cold milk.

    Work Like A Dog Day (August 5)

    Everyone says they work like a dog when they’re working hard, but is that really how a dog works? Most American dogs enjoy a life of fun, snacks and naps – so take it easy today!

    Wiggle Your Toes Day (August 6)

    Take off your shoes and wiggle those piggies! Today would be a cute day to play a pig themed party or playdate, complete with pigs in blankets and pig themed crafts. 

    National Lighthouse Day (August 7)

    Whether you live by the beach or just love lighthouses, today’s the day to plan a lighthouse craft or DIY decor to share with your readers. 

    Blog Post Topics (August 8-15)

    Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch (August 8)

    Ha ha! If you’ve ever grown zucchini, you know just how much you’ll have in August. If you’ve exhausted your supply of zucchini recipes, you can now safely sneak some onto your neighbor’s porch. 

    Book Lover’s Day (August 9)

    Want a good excuse to stay home with a good book? August 9 is Book Lover’s Day. If you have any book related crafts, such as a special DIY bookmark, today’s the day to share it. 

    National S’mores Day (August 10)

    There’s nothing like that combination of melty chocolate, gooey marshmallow and crunchy graham cracker. Celebrate today with some s’mores!

    Son and Daughter’s Day (August 11)

    Everyone has heard of Mother’s and Father’s Day, but August 11 is Son and Daughter’s Day. Show your kids just how much they mean to you and encourage your readers to do the same. 

    Middle Child’s Day (August 12)

    Middle children have a reputation for being ignored – just ask Jan Brady. But today’s the day to really celebrate your middle kids.

    Left Hander’s Day (August 13)

    Got a lefty in your life? Or maybe you’re a lefty yourself? August 13 is the day to highlight your love of everything left handed!

    National Creamsicle Day (August 14)

    If you’ve never had a creamsicle, you’re in for a treat. This mix of orange and vanilla ice cream is a delicious, refreshing way to spend an afternoon. 

    Relaxation Day (August 15)

    Don’t work too hard on this day – make sure that you have this post prescheduled! National Relaxation Day is the day to sit back and have fun – no work allowed. 

    Blog Post Topics (August 16-22)

    National Tell a Joke Day (August 16)

    Got a great joke or two to share? Make a printable full of jokes that your readers can easily print and put into their kids’ lunchboxes. Make sure to require an email address to get access to your printable library so you can market to your readers each week. 

    National Honey Bee Awareness Day (August 17)

    Honey bees are an important part of our world’s food supply so today’s the day to spread the word. Bee crafts, honey themed recipes and more are the perfect way to share awareness with your readers. 

    Bad Poetry Day (August 18)

    Roses are red, violets are…whatever you want! Today’s Bad Poetry Day and is the ideal chance to write your best bad poetry.

    National Potato Day (August 19)

    French fried or baked, scalloped or mashed, today is the day to celebrate the potato. Share your favorite potato recipes to on National Potato Day.

    National Radio Day (August 20)

    Turn up the radio and dance to some tunes. National Radio Day is the day to listen to your favorite songs and have a fun dance party with your kids. 

    Senior Citizen’s Day (August 21)

    If you have a favorite senior citizen in your life, make you to take some time today to pay them a visit. If you live far away from your parents or grandparents, make sure to give them a call and instead drop off some treats to a local nursing home.

    National Tooth Fairy Day (August 22)

    That Tooth Fairy is one hard worker! She spends every night working to collect teeth and trade them for prizes. If you have a special Tooth Fairy pillow pattern or craft, today’s the day to share it. 

    Blog Post Topic Ideas: August 23 – 29

    Ride the Wind Day (August 23)

    Let’s go fly a kite on Ride the Wind Day. If you don’t have a good, clear space to fly a kite, consider kite themed crafts or even a Mary Poppins themed party for your readers. 

    Vesuvius Day (August 24)

    While it’s not actually something to celebrate, Vesuvius Day is a great opportunity to teach your kids a little bit of history. You can also plan some fun volcano themed crafts and projects. 

    Kiss and Make Up Day (August 25)

    Is there someone in your life that you haven’t talked to in a while? Today is Kiss and Make Up Day – the perfect opportunity to forgive and forget!

    National Dog Day (August 26)

    Today’s the day to celebrate your favorite pooch! National Dog Day is the time to plan a party for your pet! Don’t have a dog? Celebrate with fun and unique hot dog recipes instead!

    Just Because Day (August 27) 

    Too many people feel like they need a reason to do everything. Don’t! If you want to plan something fun for your family, just because, today’s the day to do it!

    Race Your Mouse Day (August 28)

    We’re not exactly sure what this holiday means so feel free to make up your own way to celebrate. Do mouse crafts, plan cheesy recipes and create cute mouse costumes before having your kids run around!

    More Herbs, Less Salt Day (August 29)

    The average American diet is full of salt, but there are other ways to flavor your foods if you’re trying to cut back. The More Herbs, Less Salt Day is the perfect time to experiment with some fun recipes.

    Blog Post Topic Ideas: August 30-31

    Toasted Marshmallow Day (August 30) 

    Although s’mores are the most common way to enjoy a toasted marshmallow, they’re not the only way. Toasted Marshmallow Day is a good time to come up with fun recipes that use these sweet treats. 

    International Bacon Day (August 31)

    Bacon is one of most people’s favorite foods and the Saturday before Labor Day is always International Bacon Day. Share bacon recipes with your readers – yum!

    Whether you plan on using one of these fun holidays for your editorial calendar or you want to plan one of these days each week, these blog post topic ideas will be able to help you plan your blog topics without a lot of work.

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