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Blog Post Topics & Ideas For Every Day in November

    November Blog Post Topic Ideas

    November is one of the busiest months of the year for most families! Planning for a big family Thanksgiving is nearly a full time job and November is also the start of the bustling Christmas season. With so much going on in your personal life, finding November blog post topic ideas may seem like an impossible task, but these fun days to celebrate can help. Visit our October blog post ideas post if you’re looking for October ideas. 

    Blog Post Topics: November 1-7

    National Calzone Day (November 1)

    If you’re a Parks and Rec fan, you know how much Ben Wyatt loves his calzones. Celebrate Ben’s favorite food (and Leslie’s nemesis) with National Calzone Day.

    Day of the Dead (November 2)

    Day of the Dead is gaining in popularity in the United States, but contrary to popular belief, it’s  not a “Mexican Halloween.” Instead, it’s the day set aside in Mexico where people remember their departed loved ones with cemetery picnics.

    National Sandwich Day (November 3)

    Another beloved TV character was known for loving his sandwiches. Joey Tribbiani from Friends. Celebrate Joey’s favorite food by sharing your favorite sandwich recipe with your readers.

    National Candy Day (November 4)

    Since Halloween was just less than a week prior, chances are good that your kids have a ton of leftover candy. Take advantage of National Candy Day and come up with a fun and delicious recipe that uses all that candy.

    Bonfire Night (November 5)

    Bonfire Night is celebrated in the U.K. and is also known as Guy Fawkes Day. In the 17th century, there was a failed plot to kill King James I. In the U.K., they celebrate with fireworks and lots of them! 

    National Nachos Day (November 6)

    Whether topped with beef or chicken, everyone loves melty, gooey nachos. Set out a nacho bar for your family and friends to celebrate National Nachos Day and encourage your readers to do the same. 

    International Stout Day (November 7)

    International Stout Day celebrates that strong beer that people either love or hate. Even if you’re not a fan, consider coming up with recipes that use stout on this day.  

    Blog Post Topics: November 8-14

    STEM & STEAM Day (November 8)

    STEM and STEAM are big buzzwords in education and stand for science, technology, engineering and math (STEAM adds in art). Plan some fun children’s activities that you can share with your readers to celebrate STEM and STEAM.

    Go to an Art Museum Day (November 9)

    This day is easy to celebrate – go to an art museum! Take your kids out for an afternoon at a local art museum and enjoy some culture. 

    National Vanilla Cupcake Day (November 10)

    Do you have an awesome vanilla cupcake recipe? Today’s the day to share it with your readers! Whip up a batch for National Vanilla Cupcake Day.

    National Sundae Day (November 11)

    National Sundae Day is the perfect day to plan a sundae bar for your family. Set out a fun bar with ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles and more. 

    National Happy Hour Day (November 12)

    There’s nothing like a fun happy hour after a full day of work. Get a group of friends together and enjoy an hour or two with good drinks and good friends. 

    World Kindness Day (November 13)

    World Kindness Day is the perfect day to take your kids out and complete random acts of kindness for strangers. 

    National Pickle Day (November 14)

    Whether sweet or spicy, National Pickle Day is the celebration of all things pickled! Alongside sandwiches, on relish trays or in recipes, pickles add a zip to any meal. 

    Blog Post Topics: November 15-21

    National Clean Out Your Fridge Day (November 15)

    If leftovers are taking over your fridge, today’s the day to clean it all out. If you’re feeling even more ambitious, consider disinfecting the shelves and making your fridge sparkle.

    National Fast Food Day (November 16)

    Today’s the day to give yourself a break – it’s National Fast Food Day. Hit the drive through or treat your kids to burgers and fries for lunch.

    National Homemade Bread Day (November 17)

    There is nothing like a fresh baked loaf of bread. If you have a favorite bread recipe, encourage your readers to bake their own. 

    Mickey Mouse Day (November 18)

    If you’re a Disney fan, today is Mickey Mouse Day! Celebrate with a Mickey and Minnie party.

    National Camp Day (November 19)

    Camping is a great experience for children and adults. If you don’t have the ability to go camping, plan your own mini camp out with s’mores, hot dogs and more. 

    Universal Children’s Day (November 20)

    Even though it may seem like every day is children’s day, Universal Children’s Day is today! Celebrate your own kids and encourage them to do something kind for children who are less fortunate then themselves. 

    National Stuffing Day (November 21)

    National Stuffing Day is a few days before Thanksgiving, which means this is the perfect time to perfect everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish. 

    Blog Post Topics: November 22-28

    Go for a Ride Day (November 22)

    Today is Go For a Ride Day! Whether on your bike, a scooter or in the car, today’s a great day to get out and take in the outdoors.

    National Adoption Day (November 23)

    Adoption is a definitely something to celebrate. If your life has been touched by adoption, today is the day to share your story. 

    Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day (November 24)

    Do you have a talent that’s uniquely yours? Celebrate it today with Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day!

    National Parfait Day (November 25)

    A yogurt parfait is a delicious and healthy breakfast! A build your own yogurt parfait bar is the perfect way to celebrate National Parfait Day.

    National Cake Day (November 26)

    Got a favorite cake recipe? National Cake Day is a perfect day to pull out your best and most delicious cake.

    National Tie One On Day (November 27)

    National Tie One On Day is the day before Thanksgiving. If you’re home for Thanksgiving, head out to the bar with old friends for a drink or two!

    National French Toast Day (November 28)

    With all the busy hustle in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, many people forget about breakfast! Don’t – it’s the most important meal of the day. National French Toast Day is today – enjoy!

    Blog Post Topics: November 29-30

    National Lemon Cream Pie Day (November 29)

    Lemon cream pie may not scream fall, but there’s nothing like a refreshing lemon cream pie. Share your favorite recipe with your readers today.

    Small Business Saturday (November 30)

    After the shopping frenzy of Black Friday, small businesses get their own day. If you have anything for sale on your site, today’s the day to toot your own horn! Shop small with Small Business Saturday!

    When you’re stumped for content ideas for November blog post topics, these funny days to celebrate can help. If you’re searching for more data-driven keyword ideas, sign up for our keyword calendars. We’ll help you find the best ideas to help you know what readers are searching for so they can find you in the search engines. 

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