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Blog Post Topics & Ideas for Every Day in September

    September Blog Post Topic Ideas

    Before you stress about your blog content for September, take a breath and read on! These September blog post ideas have you covered with a unique topic for every single day of the month. If you’re looking for even more SEO help for your blog, click here to learn how to be a House of Ideas partner. 

    Blog Post Topics: September 1-7

    National Cherry Popover Day (September 1)

    If you’ve never had a cherry popover, today’s the day to enjoy! Cherries are in season and popovers are delicious right out of the over so treat your readers to an awesome recipe for National Cherry Popover Day.

    VJ Day (September 2) 

    VJ Day was the official end to World War II with the formal signing of Japan’s surrender. Today would be a great day to share a small history lesson with your readers so they can teach their children about this historic day. 

    Skyscraper Day (September 3)

    Skyscraper Day is the day to celebrate and learn about the world’s tallest buildings! Out of the top 20 tallest skyscrapers, the majority are in China, but today would be a great day to teach your kids about the U.S’ tallest building, One World Trade Center, in New York.

    Newspaper Carrier Day (September 4)

    Newspaper Carriers Day is September 4. If you still receive a physical newspaper, today would be a great day to show a little appreciate with a small gift and a free printable. 

    Procrastination Day (September 5)

    Don’t feel bad about procrastinating today! Instead, take the day to relax and ignore all your responsibilities for the day!

    Coffee Ice Cream Day (September 6)

    Coffee flavored ice cream is delicious so today’s the day to enjoy your favorites treats with coffee ice cream! As a bonus, it’s also Read a Book Day so sit down with a sweet treat and a good book. 

    Lazy Mom’s Day (September 7)

    We know that moms are anything but lazy, but today is the day to sit back and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about doing anything today – take it easy and relax!

    Blog Post Topics: September 8-14

    Banana Day (September 8)

    Bananas are some of the most underrated fruits. They’re versatile and portable and can be eaten on their own or baked into a breakfast or turned into a dessert. Celebrate the banana today!

    Pet Rock Day (September 9)

    Remember the pet rock? Today’s the day to bring your pet rock back out and celebrate! If you don’t have one, encourage your readers to go out on a rock hunt to find their perfect pet. 

    Swap Ideas Day (September 10)

    Swap Ideas Day was made for bloggers! Consider planning a guest post swap with one of your blogger buddies and share ideas with a different group of readers. 

    Ants on a Log Day (September 11)

    Ants on a log is a fun, kid-friendly treat. The traditional recipe is peanut butter smeared on celery with a few raisins sprinkled on it. Jazz up the recipe with a new twist to share with your readers. 

    Encouragement Day (September 12)

    Everyone can use a little encouragement, no matter what’s going on in their lives! Today is a great day to share some printables that your readers can use to provide encouragement to the loved ones in their lives. 

    Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day (September 13)

    This is a fun one! Have your kids take over your kitchen and maybe even your blog with their favorite recipes! If your kids are too young to be alone in the kitchen, have them provide input on every meal and snack of the day. 

    Live Creative Day (September 14)

    Live Creative Day on September 14 is the perfect day for creative bloggers to celebrate! Encourage your readers to spend the day creating something amazing today.

    Blog Post Topics: September 15-21

    Cheese Toast Day (September 15) 

    Spruce up plain old toast with some melty, gooey cheese! Plan a meal around cheese toast and give your readers the day off from meal planning. 

    Guacamole Day (September 16)

    Got a killer guacamole recipe? Today’s the day to share it with your readers. Plan a Mexican fiesta party around guac  – everyone will “taco ‘bout” it!

    World Goat Day (September 17)

    Goats are a petting zoo staple and World Goat Day is a great opportunity to learn more about them! Plan some goat crafts, plan recipes using goat cheese and give goats some love today.

    Cheeseburger Day (September 18)

    There is nothing like a cheeseburger, hot off the grill. Whether you’re a fan of a simple, basic cheeseburger or you enjoy a fancy version with gourmet ingredients, today’s the day to share your favorite recipe. 

    Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19)

    Arrr, Matey! Talk like a Pirate Day has gained in popularity lately. Create a treasure hunt that your readers can share with their kids, plan some pirate crafts or throw a pirate party today.

    String Cheese Day (September 20)

    String cheese is lunchbox staple, but there are many other uses of it. Take advantage of the popularity of the air fryer and come up with your own healthier version of mozzarella cheese sticks using string cheese. 

    Doodle Day (September 21)

    Get your doodle on today! If you own a vinyl cutting machine, share a tutorial on how to turn your children’s doodles into a fun memento, such as a canvas, a pillow or other keepsake.

    Blog Post Topics: September 22-28

    Ice Cream Cone Day (September 22)

    Even though the first day of fall is the day before, there’s never a bad time for an ice cream cone. If you have an ice cream maker, create your own one of a kind flavor that you can share with your blog readers. 

    Innergize Day (September 23)

    If you’ve never heard of Innergize Day, you’re probably not alone. But this day should definitely gain in popularity. It’s a day set aside to take care of yourself – give yourself the freedom to re-energize yourself from within.

    Punctuation Day (September 24)

    Love the Oxford comma? Enjoy a well-placed semi-colon? Punctuation Day is the day to celebrate it! 

    One Hit Wonder Day (September 25)

    Got a favorite one hit wonder? Celebrate the best one hit wonders of your teens by creating your own favorite list of one hit wonders. You’ll be surprised at they memories they bring up!

    Johnny Appleseed Day (September 26)

    Love apples? You have Johnny Appleseed to thank! Visit an apple orchard, enjoy some cider or bake apple treats to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day!

    World Tourism Day (September 27)

    If you love to travel, you must celebrate World Tourism Day. Whether you’re a world traveller or you’ve only been able to travel close to home, today’s a great day to share your travels with your readers and plan your next trips.

    Good Neighbor Day (September 28)

    Good Neighbor Day is the perfect day to show your neighbors some appreciation! Create a cute gift basket and provide a free printable for your readers to use and make sure your neighbors know how much you appreciate them!

    Blog Post Topics: September 29-30

    International Coffee Day (September 29)

    Whether hot or iced, turned into ice cream or blended into a frappe, if you’re a coffee lover, today is the best day of the year. Introduce your readers to your favorite coffee recipe today. 

    Hunt for Ghosts Day (September 30)

    With just one month before Halloween, Hunt for Ghosts Day is perfectly timed. If your kids are little, create a fun, spooky scavenger hunt to search for some spooky pals. 

    These fun blog post topic ideas for September will make your editorial calendar a breeze! Choose one a week to add some fun and easy content to your site and see how your readers react!

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