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Google Search Console (GSC) Manual for People

    Google Search Console has become the most powerful, free, and trusted tool in the arsenal for everyone — from SEO pros to average joes.

    It is the tool that tells you how you’re performing in Google today, how you can achieve massive growth in the near future, and what you need to do to get there. It reveals your blog’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    However, most people aren’t fully or accurately harnessing its true powers. The creative professional is overwhelmed by the thought of even just logging into GSC, while the SEO pro overlooks its capabilities in favor of 3rd party tools like Ahrefs, RankIQ, and others. After all, these tools are amazing and generally improving over time.

    Still, we repeat: the most powerful tool in the SEO world is Google Search Console and you can use it many different ways:

    • the GSC dashboard interface in a browser (standard)
    • the API to pull data into Excel or Google Sheets (intermediate)
    • install Zyra Console for Creators to let it automatically optimize your blog with GSC magic (expert)

    The Google Search Console manual for People teaches content creators why, how, and where to focus in GSC to use the essential data, tools, and dashboard features only. This manual contains just the fruit and meat, not the whole kitchen.


    Learn how to create the right content, target the right keywords, optimize Power Posts, apply smart internal linking across your blog, identify critical issues and fixes.

    Zyra App Team

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    The Zyra Team consists of SEO experts and WordPress developers with over 20 years of first-hand experience serving Fortune 500 companies and digital content creators. We have helped hundreds of bloggers and digital creators learn and do advanced SEO, safely and effectively, for over 7 years.

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