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How (Not) to Name your Blog in Food, Lifestyle, or DIY

    Full guide coming soon…

    This HowTo guide is for you, the DIYer looking to showcase your creative works online by starting your very own WordPress blog, and building it yourself.

    No need to pay for expensive hosting, web design, or website development. Unlike many guides you see out there, there are no affiliate links here.

    Only time-tested, proven methods, tools, and suggestions, so you can start publishing, start networking, and start making money.

    Every nugget of wisdom here comes from interviewing dozens of creative professionals who have published thousands of DIY blog posts, and made part-time and full-time incomes from doing what they love every single day.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Start blogging and publishing regularly (consistency is everything)
    • Stop overthinking trivial matters that prevent most bloggers (imperfection is key)
    • Finish building a well-rounded website, all by yourself, in true DIY fashion with only essential WordPress SEO plugins and themes (form follows function).
    • Start promoting content, and become known for your areas of DIY expertise
    • Avoid making career-ending mistakes by learning from highly experienced professionals who were once in your shoes

    Why Start a DIY Blog?

    Why do you DIY?

    Why do your readers DIY?

    Why would you enjoy blogging?

    Why would someone visit and re-visit your site?

    Blog Essentials: What every Professional DIY blogger needs

    Blog and domain name

    Blog hosting

    Blog design

    Logo & Branding

    WordPress blog theme (free, premium, or custom)

    Blog content

    Your first DIY blog post

    An “About” Page (or even better, a “Start Here” page)

    Blog Home page

    Contact / “Work with me” page

    Blog Photography (Unique images and videos)

    Bonus: Social media accounts and email newsletters

    Blog plugins & functionality

    No developers needed: Lifesaver plugins every blogger needs to accelerate growth


    Content creation

    Content and blog promotion

    DIY Blog Success Stories

    Tauni Everett, starter of

    Ashley Johnston, starter of

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    The Zyra Team consists of SEO experts and WordPress developers with over 20 years of first-hand experience serving Fortune 500 companies and digital content creators. We have helped hundreds of bloggers and digital creators learn and do advanced SEO, safely and effectively, for over 7 years.

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