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Fancier Author Box Alternative

    Which author plugin is best for WordPress creators and publishers?

    Let’s compare the free Fancier Author Box plugin (the premium Fanciest Author Box plugin is no longer sold) with Power Bio Box—free and paid.

    We believe the right plugin unlocks these benefits for content creators: 

    • credits and grows author recognition, trust, and expertise, naturally
    • blends author box into any WordPress theme on any device, easily
    • grows SEO rankings, traffic, and readership, effortlessly

    Note: Fanciest Author Box plugin is no longer available for sale.

    A good author box benefits all

    The perfect author box benefits the creator, the reader, and the search engine. Here are the questions we asked ourselves while testing WordPress free and premium author bio plugins like the Fancier (Fanciest) Author Box.


    Does the author bio shine subject matter expertise, trust, and integrity in the creator and their content?


    Does the author box look good and work well on different WordPress themes, devices, and browsers?

    Search Engines

    Does the author box help creators expand their digital audience on platforms like Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook?

    The short answer to all of the questions above is NO. The Fanciest author box –the paid version — did not meet these needs nor did it possess even half of the desired features.

    In fact, it was this disappointment that led us to building the Power Bio Box plugin so that all of these benefits (and more) were captured.

    While the Fanciest Author Box had good basic features, it fell extremely shy of expectations.

    Power Bio Box vs Fanciest Author Box compared


    Do yourself a favor and try both of the above plugins to see which fits your authorship and SEO needs the best. And remember, building your authorship as a digital creator isn’t just limited to author boxes. You can ensure every key touchpoint reflects your expertise and credibility, such as your Start Here page, your About page, and your author archive page.

    See how the Power Bio Box compares against popular author bio box plugin alternatives.

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