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How to Add Users to Google Search Console

    To add users to Google Search Console, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to Google Search Console with your Google account.
    2. In the top right corner of the page, click the settings icon and select “Users and permissions” from the drop-down menu.
    3. On the Users and permissions page, click the “Add a new user” button.
    4. Enter the email address of the user you want to add and select their role from the drop-down menu. The role determines the level of access the user will have to your Google Search Console data.
    5. Click the “Add” button to add the user to your Google Search Console account.
    6. The new user will receive an email notification inviting them to access your Google Search Console account. They will need to accept the invitation and sign in with their Google account to access your data.

    Keep in mind that you can only add users who have a Google account. If the user you want to add does not have a Google account, they will need to create one before you can add them to your Google Search Console account.

    Property and Domain Verification in GSC

    In Google Search Console, domain verification and property verification are processes used to prove that you own or have access to a website or app

    The Differences Between Domain and Property Verification

    The main differences between domain verification and property verification in Google Search Console are the level of granularity and the verification methods. A Domain is the aggregate of all sub-domains and sub-folder properties, while a Property verification is a single sub-domain or sub-folder property.

    For example, if you have multiple sub-sites or apps on the same domain (e.g., you would use domain verification to verify the domain and view total data and insights for all of those properties in GSC. Then, you can add, automatically verify, and analyze each specific property (e.g.,, etc.).

    Another key difference between domain verification and property verification is the methods used to verify the domain or property. While both types of verification can be performed using methods such as adding a DNS record, single properties can be verified with a meta tag, a TXT file upload, or a verified Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager account.

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