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Schema SEO for Bloggers

    What is schema SEO ?

    Schema is the best way for Google to understand creative blog content, your website, your online personal brand, and more. 

    Why Bloggers need Schema

    Bloggers need specific Schemas like CreativeWorks, Article, Author, Website, etc., especially if you have a lot of unique, creative, useful content.

    How Schema helps Google, which helps SEO

    Adding schemas helps Google understand the most important things about your website, your individual blog posts, your own digital identity, your areas of expertise, your social circles, and more. 

    If you help Google understand you, your content, your website better, you’ll rank higher for more keywords.

    What Does Schema Do for Google?

    Schema explains a simple, logical language that robots understand best. 

    How Schema benefits Blog Post articles

    Adding Article schema to your blog posts is upgrading your content without creating more content. (Music to your ears.)

    Adding Author schema is like showing Google your digital passport. It verifies you, the blogger, as a real person. (Google wants to desperately reward real everyday people in search, instead of keyword-stuffed articles by SEO hackers.) It tells them you’re an official authority on the topics you most frequently post about. It shows Google all the places you have an online following.

    Article schema markup helps convey the most important details and information about each and every blog post article.

    CreativeWorks schema tells Google you’re the verified original creator of each and every piece of content –text, photo, and video– instead of the fraudsters who copy and paste your work on garbage sites and try to cheat Google for SEO traffic.

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