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ChatGPT Prompts for WordPress SEO

    Blog SEO for Advanced Creators using GPT-4

    ChatGPT is a digital assistant with SEO superpowers. Get example SEO prompts from our experts and then get really good at it on your own. Practice helps you write great prompts, and also understand the limitations of AI, so you can stay sharp and keep the technology in check. To use,

    1. Copy prompts from gray blocks
    2. Start new thread on version ChatGPT-4
    3. Paste the prompt
    4. replace the bolded brackets with applicable info
    5. Keep modifying until you get the best and unique outcome

    Here are the most useful SEO prompts you can use this minute.

    1. High-impact Meta Titles & Descriptions

    Why? Meta titles and meta descriptions boost rankings and generate clicks from SEO. It’s your blog’s digital billboard in the search results. If you deliver on your promise, Google will rank you and keep you ranking high for your most important keywords and Power Posts.

    Create [X] click-worthy meta titles for an existing blog post named [blog post title] based on Google Search Console data. Use keywords with high Impressions and high CTR. Then write a list of 2-liner meta descriptions to read the [tutorial/recipe/listicle]. Use short and simple words. Write in the style of [your favorite copywriter]:
    [Top queries | Clicks | Impressions]  

    2. Power Post Clustering

    Why? Turn one-hit wonder posts into a whole album of dozen high-quality masterpieces.

    My top article is a blog post called [title] and I want to create a topical cluster around on my blog for [specific topic], so I can rank for dozens of keywords and grow my expertise in the [broader category] space. 

    3. Seasonal Calendar creation (SEO-based)

    Why? So you can make creation easier for yourself by going after topics Google and visitors know you’re good at.

    How to get GSC data:

    Export GSC keywords to Google Sheets, and copy top 250 keywords by highest Impressions and paste in your prompt:

    Create a seasonal content calendar for my blog based on my top 500 Google Search Console keywords. I want top 8 keyword topics in which I can demonstrate first-hand experience, expertise, respect, and trust. These are topics with the highest Impressions but very low click-through rate so we can target keywords and articles with the most upside. Keywords with high Clicks and CTR we don't need new content for. Once you have a list, give 3 related topics with high search volume, so we can make a topical cluster. Suggest peak months when people search the most.  Suggest a due date 60 days before peak seasonal months to publish content by.:
    Top queries	Clicks	Impressions	CTR	Position
    [keyword 1] 	[w]	[x]	[y]	[z]

    5. Find Semantically Related Entities

    Why? So you can increase rankings of specific Power Posts by making them rich in information, so you can stay atop Google for years.

    Find 25 semantically related entities I can mention to a blog post about [specific topic] so I can rank better for [main keyword]. Here are 4-5 sample paragraphs from the body of my article. Don't repeat entities already here. Suggest other highly relevant entities and important words I should mention: 
    [Copy and paste 4-5 paragraphs from existing blog post, or enter your outline for a new post] 

    6. Create HTML tables

    Why? HTML tables are also a form of structured data like schema is, except people read and use tables too, especially for quick skimming and information gathering. Like researching competing products or ideas. Or for comparing prices.

    create an HTML table that compares [list of topics]. Compare their [feature 1],[feature 2], [feature 3], etc. for [audience] so they can [goal to achieve]. 

    Here’s an example table it made when I asked GPT to research the most popular ad networks and to compare their details.

    Ad Network Contact Information Website Products and Solutions Year Founded Ad RPMs Blogger Support Other Information
    Mediavine Phone: 123-456-7890
    Email: Display ads, video ads, sponsored content 2013 Varies based on blog and niche Excellent support with dedicated account managers Provides advanced reporting and analytics
    AdThrive Phone: 987-654-3210
    Email: Display ads, video ads, native ads 2013 Varies based on blog and niche Responsive support with a dedicated support team Focuses on optimizing ads for user experience
    Ezoic Phone: 555-123-4567
    Email: Automated ad testing, ad mediation, header bidding 2010 Varies based on blog and niche 24/7 support with access to a community forum Uses AI to optimize ads for revenue and user experience
    Adsense Phone: N/A
    Email: N/A Contextual display ads 2003 Varies based on blog and niche Online help center and community support Easy integration with Google products

    Zyra App Team

    Administrator at Zyra App
    The Zyra Team consists of SEO experts and WordPress developers with over 20 years of first-hand experience serving Fortune 500 companies and digital content creators. We have helped hundreds of bloggers and digital creators learn and do advanced SEO, safely and effectively, for over 7 years.

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