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How to Start a WordPress Blog for $50 (Step by Step Tutorial)

    So you’ve decided to start your own blog on WordPress. You know the blog post topics you want to write about, you know your audience, you know other bloggers you want to collaborate with. What you don’t know is the technical stuff – how to actually launch a blog up and get it running.

    Most free guides you find on Google are written by affiliate marketers trying to convince you to build your own blog using, which requires you to get technical, and to pay for a 3rd party host.

    Honestly, that’s a lot of friction for a beginner. Motivation dries up quickly, so you want to ride your momentum, and get started, so we have the easiest, quickest instructions for you to get started. No affiliate links here either.

    Starting a blog on will get you the hosting, domain name, security, and ongoing technical support you need without having to overspend on tools, plugins, and themes, and without having to learn WordPress installation.

    Step by Step Blog Installation on

    Let’s pretend my wife and I decided to start our own husband-and-wife blog featuring super-spicy food recipes. Here are the exact steps we’d take to install a in less than 45 minutes.

    Follow these steps to jump start an art blog, a lifestyle blog, a DIY blog, or any other type of blog for passion or fun, for a noble purpose, for business, or all of the above.

    The Secret to Blogging Success

    Starting a blog is so easy in 2020 that anyone can do it. So what separates the professional from the amateur? Amateur bloggers work on their blog, but they don’t actually blog.

    Working on a blog is more addictive than blogging itself.

    Blog design and customization is addicting. They get so caught up in making a great impression with their audience, that they spend too much time on chasing the perfect theme design, and endless tweaking it.

    Blog plugins are addicting. Amateurs get lost in the WordPress plugin land like it’s Legoland, because of the infinite possibilities of technical things non-technical people can do. Plugins are like toys to the amateur, but tools for the professional. Get in, get what you need, and get out.

    Self-installed WordPress (via gives you all of these capabilities, while the Personal or Premium plans of don’t.

    This is why we recommend so you don’t get stuck in the la-la-land of the infinite possibilities, but instead focus on the work that’s going to progressively make your blog a profitable business, a place where people go to get ideas and things of real value.

    Once you get into a habit of publishing, you can then strategically re-design your site, optimize it with essential plugins, and focus on growth and monetization.

    The horse always comes before the cart.

    Learn how to start a blog in under an hour and in less than $50.

    How to start a Personal or Business Finance blog

    For creators that are financial experts on investments, accounting principles, business management, and personal finance topics.

    How to start an art blog

    For artists and creators who are subject matter experts on artwork, arts & crafts tutorials, drawing tips, writing advice, various art forms (modern, contemporary, abstract, etc.).

    How to start a crafts blog

    Teach others about the crafts business. Blog about holiday crafts (Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter are big), handmade gifts, and free DIY craft tutorials or printables.

    How to start a Lifestyle blog

    Produce blog posts on the latest fashion trends, healthy lifestyles, and other family-friendly topics. If you’re making money successfully as an influencer, teach others how you grew your business and grow your passive income.

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