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Power Phrases: The Blog Keywords to Find & Optimize

    Scenario: You are optimizing existing articles in your Top Posts list to boost your SEO traffic with money keywords. The best place to find them is your Google Search Console, and then sprinkle those terms into your blog post title and content. This will greatly increase your traffic potential for every post you update. 

    10 easy steps to find & use money keywords on your existing top posts:

    1) Find blog post URLs in your Top 50 (or 75 or 100) Posts spreadsheet.

    2) Open Performance Report in Google Search Console

    The link above presets the date range at 16 months. If not, please click the date button and set it:

    T h zkCEGgtFbddHwvll3m0sVNln5NXsstp9 LUVS2QPauH25Njs5DfM8fUJ4Gk1dVwwnf5KNUTn6RUSMvUXuC7iD0z2O4Q18xcuNLpCUa mzcTtmT3mNDZXjzOpX5TI79FJ Fyh

    3) Click +NEW ,  and then Page… 

    fIeSHYIj7Q vOUeyVYphja bhnBnhigbjdW2pvs t5MxPz3zBGNJ8IS3UobXRV01CdkS qrUAF foMdNQOznPYuIYBQu

    4) Copy single URL from your Top Posts spreadsheet

    5) Paste URL in Search Console, and click APPLY. 

    frphIvb VmEpckWRdP6prCo95kC8Z1dhroTUiTAcCs9DqqC66j6dpqAQL6B16 Dri rVSp5ZMdy3obPTlzou53wW7 SvYsancpDjAk8yLHJa8dH81oRopoYmwgIzRXSgEbtkL4p8

    6) You should see 10-1000 total Queries (Keywords) results for your article.

    7) Sort Queries by Impressions from highest to lowest.

    gbAW qswcAl6FZ2fpTgL3HKqj7rkiiw6olknX1zdV4NXAaKaOZ4eTy56zU2iR IkiyClTAOY19SQfbbkmpoIjWwduGS3c15yUi1UHLAPnCKU2MZ 7TACuQQA dLdJIumNUtOLIWU

    8) Pick 5-10 money keywords that relate to your post. 

    What are money keywords?

    • Search terms that have high Search Impressions (popularity) count
    • Search terms that have high relevance to post

    How do you know which money keywords are right for your blog post?

    Ask yourself: when someone Googles keywords relating to your article, what is their intention? What do they want?

    1. Information (facts and opinions)
    2. Inspiration (ideas and case studies)
    3. Instruction (recipes, tutorials, and HowTo advice)
    4. Transaction (products and services)
    5. Utility (tools, downloads, etc.)

    Money keywords are search terms that align the intention of the searcher with the primary content of your article.

    Example of a tutorial blog post on painting your banister that is highly instructional and inspirational.

    Good Money keywords from Google Search Console that align with the article:

    • How to paint a banister without sanding (instruction)
    • How to paint stair railings (instruction)
    • Refinish wood stairs without sanding (instruction)
    • Painting spindles (instruction and inspiration)
    • Painting stair rails (instruction and inspiration)

    Bad Money keywords that don’t align:

    • Stair banister (transaction)
    • Oak railing (transaction)
    • Banister paint (transaction)
    • banister (information, transaction)
    • What is a banister? (information)

    Pick 5-10 keywords which best match the Google searcher’s wants and needs with the contents of your article.

    Example 1: Ashley’s money keywords for her tutorial on painting stairs are highlighted:   

    EEOSqGdYdsQm1cTq40 7 JIe JgEE79rL HLTR

    Example 2: For Lindi’s DIY water bottle labels post, her money keywords can be ALL top Queries, because the words are all popular and highly relevant to her post.


    9) Use Money Keywords in your post.

    Once you’ve found your money keywords, go back into WordPress editor, and: 

    • Sprinkle those words in your article title (H1). 
    • Add new (or update existing) H2 and H3 sub-headings to break up your article in sections with money keywords. 
    • Use money keywords to describe your images alt text. 
    • Make sure to include the best money keywords in your first and your last paragraph. 
    • Do NOT change your WordPress post URL (if your current URL is too generic, ask Raj about changing it)

    See full Content Refresh Article to finish optimizing existing Top Posts.

    10) Bonus tip: create and add instructional or informative video to the article.

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