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The #1 SEO Plugin for WordPress Blog Owners

Become a trusted topical expert. Survive Google algorithm updates. Apply Google Search Console on autopilot.

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Google Benefits


Google wants to rank creators high. Every day, they refine the algorithm knowing there are millions of searches for DIY ideas, projects, recipes, and information that can only be created by everyday enthusiasts and experts.

The problem is that high-quality content creators have lackluster SEO. Enter Zyra App.

Zyra plugins use advanced SEO techniques and Google’s own Search Console data to automagically optimize your blog posts. Our goal is to improve search results with original helpful content that passes Google guidelines with flying colors. Content authored by real people demonstrating:

Relevant first-hand experience. Subject matter expertise. Creative authority. High credibility & Trust.


The Ultimate Blog Post SEO Signals


Blog Post Optimizer Tools, expertly crafted.


Power Bio Box

Boosts EEAT with visitors, brands, and Google.


Post Miner

Creates 100s of internal links to your best posts.


Relevance Editor

Adds rich related resources on all posts.

Key Optimization Features

Zyra Console works easily and safely with SEO plugins like Yoast and RankMath for advanced blog optimization.

Power Bio Box

  • Shows at end of all posts
  • Article Schema (SEO)
  • Author Biography
  • Social Profile Links
  • Dynamic Popular Posts
  • Grows followership & trust

Post Miner

  • Makes Power Posts one-click away
  • Category & Tag Page SEO
  • Improves article discovery
  • Uses Google Search Console

Relevancy Editor

  • Best Related Posts plugin
  • Uses GSC automatically
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Adds topical authority/SME
  • Links out to qualified posts

Technical SEO. Simple Tips.

Learn how to do your best SEO ever with high confidence and easy effort, even if you don’t use Zyra Console. Over a decade of real-world SEO experience for hundreds of enterprise companies and WordPress sites. All signal, no noise content to help everyday creators go pro.

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Start a Blog (Beginner’s Guide)Name, install, and launch a blog in under $50
Blog Post Ideas500+ creative and lifestyle topics to (re)gain momentum
Images for Blog PostsUpload, optimize, and promote photos, semi-automatically
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Zyra App, also known as House of Ideas, is a family startup company built in Chicago. Since 2017, the year Ziya was born, we’ve been committed to solving the most pressing digital problems you experience as a professional blogger.

We believe Google, and more importantly our world, deserves more useful, trustworthy, family-friendly content, produced by real, everyday people. Content such as simple DIY life hacks, delicious generational recipes, easy arts & craft projects tutorials for classrooms, travel advice and stories, printable designs, entertainment & party ideas, and all other formats of helpful content. In turn, you and your works deserve the respect, recognition, and compensation for your value creation and lifelong commitment. We especially admire the full-time moms.

As senior digital marketing professionals who have applied SEO best practices at companies like Staples, AutoZone, and Oriental Trading Company, as well as hundreds of WordPress blogs, we understand how complicated, expensive, and risky SEO can get. We are committed to applying time-tested, Google-friendly, and common sense solutions, so you can survive and thrive in creative pursuits for life.

We also believe in creators controlling their own destiny by owning and nurturing their own platform and audience, not purely relying on fragile social networks. Zyra Console is how we practice what we preach. Try us out.

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