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SEO for Content Creators on WordPress


    SEO is technical marketing and getting more complicated by the day. The “SEO for Content Creators on WordPress” playbook makes it simple, safe, and practical for anyone at home.

    Who is Zyra App?

    Zyra App makes premium tools and practical advice you can trust as a professional content creator and everyday family person.

    Zyra App was created by enterprise SEO practitioners–we are obsessed with producing high-performance results, automatic and data-driven technology, and smart tactics that stand the test of time for Fortune 500 companies and everyday people who have an innate knack for content creation.

    Formerly House of Ideas, we’ve supported the content creator community for over 5 years. We learn endless lessons and case studies from them on what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. We respect you and appreciate you all.

    Our SEO promise

    If you invest and apply our ideas or our app towards your blog SEO, you will grow into a professional content creator. You can go from nothing to side gig to part-time job to full-time career to lifelong endeavor. Whatever your definition of success or purpose for creating.

    Our strategies aren’t always perfect, and we don’t pretend to know everything, but we’re always trying and learning and teaching to arm you with just enough intel (need-to-know basis) to compete against the big blogs, or large publisher sites, or even Pinterest results in Google.

    This SEO guide for content creators on WordPress extract lessons from 15 yrs of real world practice like oil from olives. Unlike most SEO professionals, we don’t dance around or against Google. We embrace them–their webmaster guidelines, their algorithm updates, the beautiful gift that is Google Search Console, the underlying Google Ads platform that powers ad management companies like Mediavine, and more.

    We believe there’s massive collective benefit to all if we leverage all of Google in its glory for search engine optimization, blog user experience, content creation processes, revenue generation, and more.

    That’s why you should keep coming back to the Creators Blog. We filter noise from signals and actively maintain our articles for helpfulness and ease of implementation for time-starved creators who otherwise can’t stand SEO or SEO sellers.

    Table Of Contents

    SEO for CreatorsAuthorship & Brand
    What are Power Posts?Blog Monetization
    Google Search Console TrainingStart a Blog (Beginner’s Guide)
    Advanced Blog Post SEOBlog Post Ideas
    Essential WordPress PluginsImages for Blog Posts
    Advanced Internal LinkingSponsored Posts for Bloggers

    Zyra App Team

    Administrator at Zyra App
    The Zyra Team consists of SEO experts and WordPress developers with over 20 years of first-hand experience serving Fortune 500 companies and digital content creators. We have helped hundreds of bloggers and digital creators learn and do advanced SEO, safely and effectively, for over 7 years.

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